About Me

Author. Educator. Imaginer of worlds. Seeker of truth laid bare. Lover of theatre. Actor. Playwright. Animal lover. Biology geek. Unapologetic dancer.

I was born and raised in Gary, Indiana, the youngest of seven rambunctious children. A bookworm from early childhood, I have a passion to tell stories—that passion led me to write my first play at age 9. After graduating from Princeton University and spending years in the corporate world, I fled to the relative sanity of an urban classroom in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My experiences in those classrooms—and the heartbreaking stories I heard from my students—drove me to write and publish When Daronte’s Father Went to Prison.

As a teacher, I help my students immerse themselves in stories. As an actor, I bring the story alive for others. As a writer, I do both: I go inside my characters to try to understand what motivates them, makes them laugh, cry, sing, give up, keep going; I also think about how to get the reader to see what I see.

Writing is rewarding for me. I hope my writing is rewarding to you. So, dear readers, please join me on a grand adventure.