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“A wonderful book that anyone with an incarcerated spouse/brother/sister should consider buying! This book will help children understand and cope with a loved one going to jail.  Kimberly deals with a tough topic, but unfortunately this is something some kids have to deal with.

When Daronte’s Father Went to Prison is a heartwarming story of a ten year old boy named Daronte Williams. Like many young kids of his age Daronte likes basketball, playing video games with his father, and teasing his baby sister. One day while home sick from school Daronte’s life changes drastically and unexpectedly when he witnesses his father’s arrest. He struggles to find his balance in an upside-down world. Daronte is scared and confused and embarrassed when children at school tease him about his father being in jail and calling him names. The boy much like any child who is going through this situation is having trouble dealing with it. The story covers how home life changes in the absence of a parent and all the struggles other parent & children has to face during this difficult phase.

Once I started reading this book, I couldn’t stop until the very end. In some of the parts when Daronte misses his father badly I could not control my emotions and cried. This is a powerful book that will help children facing this life changing circumstance. More importantly, it will help all children have empathy for others and appreciation for their families.  I think this is an honest but comforting book for any child that has to deal with an incarcerated parent & will help many kids through a difficult time.

An inspiring story of acceptance, patience, and unconditional love & we highly recommend this book to people of all ages!” - Review by

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When Daronte’s Father Went to Prison is an excellently-written book that relates the thoughts and emotions of a child dealing with an impossibly difficult situation that millions of children have to experience. Even though I have never had to experience the things that Daronte goes through, I felt like I could put myself in his shoes and understand his plight. This book should be in every school library so that children whose parents are incarcerated can learn that their feelings are not abnormal and that they can rely on friends and family to cope.”

“Before reading this book, my knowledge on the prison system was severely lacking. Daronte opened my eyes to a completely foreign issue, and it has taught me to be more socially aware. It is a powerful story that I would recommend to anyone.”

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